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Frequently Asked Questions

What sports/games do you offer?

Lowkeyrothstein offers MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football and College Basketball.


How and when do I receive my picks?

Picks are sent out via text messages or email(international), typically within 1 hour to 25 minutes before game time. Picks are are usually released individually throughout the day or sometimes in packages

How do I send you a payment?

For US clients, Venmo or Zelle are my ONLY accepted method of payments. For International clients, payments may be made by electronic gift cards. Please fill out the contact form accordingly or Direct Message via Instagram. Once payment has been received and confirmed, you will receive a text or email confirming your membership.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. It is always recommended to do your due diligence and do your research before joining Lowkeyrothstein. Just be advised, this is the main reason why Lowkeyrothstein has consistently posted daily results of wins and losses(with proofs) over 93 weeks, to show everyone full transparency and consistency. What you see on Instagram over 93 weeks, is what you will get and it will continue to be the same moving forward. There are no  guarantees, this is a business of wins and losses. Based on experience and 93 weeks of results, you have an advantage of winning for as long as you commit.



Is it possible to have a 70% and above win rate long term?

No! It's impossible and let me make it a point to tell you now, ANYONE claiming these numbers are flat out lying and are out to scam you for your money. This is a business of wins and losses. there will be many ups and downs. Consistency, patience, and bankroll management are the key factors in maintaining a profitable, long term outcome.

How do you feel about other Cappers or Sports Consultants?

There are a good amount of cappers, unfortunately they are a dying breed. Good cappers not only win, but are also honest with everything they provide. Unfortunately the majority of cappers you will find are not honest and cannot maintain consistency over time. Sports Consulting is a very tough business and this is why the majority tend to lie about their wins and losses. I do not compare or compete with any other cappers, but I only wish for everyone to win and beat their bookie. Good luck!


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